Lake Monduran engraved cutting board

Lake Monduran engraved cutting board

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Camphor Laurel board with nice rounded edges and corners with a map of Lake Monduran and a barramundi.


Perfect for that camping and fishing trip to the lake.


Perfect for everyday use.  Timber is antibacterial and the most hygenic timber to use for a cutting board. Very easy to care for. Not dishwasher safe.


These boards are face grain strips that have been glued together with food safe water proof glue. There are variations in the colour of the timber, some have darker strips.


Dimensions approximately 460mm L x 300mm W x 25mm H


Coated with food safe oils.


  • Care Instructions

    Wash or wipe with luke warm water.

    Re oil with food safe oil such as orange oil or mineral oil every 3-6 months depending on use.

    Fine to use for every day purposes and resin will mark the same as the timber with fine scratches from knife use.

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